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Content websites is a catch-all term used to include all websites that have content on them. Great examples of this include Buzzfeed, the Today show (who have recently started trialing affiliate marketing), and Vogue. It’s easy to assume that affiliates are made up of only influencers and bloggers, but that simply isn’t the case. Turn to popular affiliate marketing websites and marketplaces to see which products or services are trending.

  • People will be more comfortable following your advice if they feel they can trust you.
  • Generating affiliate revenue requires developing a platform and building an online audience.
  • As mentioned, Thinkific’s affiliate program is an excellent fit if you create content for other content creators and entrepreneurs.
  • Often, those spending more time marketing the company’s products will earn more money.
  • The hunting niche is big, and there are plenty of opportunities to make money in it.
  • The former’s cookie tracker lasts for a month, while the latter is stored for up to two months.

AWeber has been the autoresponder of choice for over one million businesses and entrepreneurs since 1998. Moosend affiliates can benefit from the pre-made materials (banners, templates, etc.) and available resources found in their affiliate dashboard. The affiliate team is also ready to assist and help solve problems that may arise.

Podcast affiliate marketing example

With their plans starting at $2.95/month and one-time payouts starting at $65+, the cost barrier is low, and the commissions are high. With 250+ categories and over 3 million digital services you can promote, Fiverr is my overall #1 choice as the best affiliate program. The success of your affiliate marketing depends on choosing the right products for your audience.

Types of affiliate marketing programs

Due to its code-free builder, Wix is a great starting point for new website owners. Additionally, Wix provides links and creatives, including banners and landing pages in all languages, to make it easy for you to include their link on your site. The program is free to join and provides an opportunity for experts to monetize their audience and earn a commission. With over 18 million students and 186 thousand active courses, Teachable is one of the most reputable e-learning platforms.

Different affiliate types

However, keep in mind that affiliates can only request a payout once it reaches the minimum amount of $100. The payment is made monthly on the 15th of each month via PayPal or bank transfer. Commissions are only applied for first purchases, which means that renewal costs don’t count.

Affiliates need to be able to create attractive websites, drive traffic to them and then use persuasive techniques to convert visitors into customers. With IT software becoming increasingly important for businesses, several affiliate programs offer excellent opportunities to promote IT software products. GetResponse is another email marketing service that offers a 33% recurring commission. Most of these sites did not actually use the text link ad service on their own sites. On many personal finance blogs, you’ll see a lot of different affiliate advertisements for things like ING, Everbank, LendingClub, and numerous other financial institutions. These are your basic pay-per-click affiliate marketing campaigns where you have no presence and no authority in the niche of the product you’re promoting.

Types of Affiliate marketing

Signing up and participating as a HubSpot affiliate is completely free, and you’re not required to have experience with HubSpot’s software. Anyone can apply to join the program, regardless of if you’re a beginner or well-versed in affiliate marketing. FlexOffers has an impressive affiliate database that is comprised of over 10,000 ad partners from over 65 networks.

Affiliates can leverage all 6 pricing plans and onboarding materials to convert new users. With notable affiliates earning north of $10,000 a month, Elementor is an attractive option to consider. Affiliate marketing is supposed to produce passive income, but does it really work?

Moment Affiliate Program

Content creators and bloggers whose audience would be interested in purchasing hosting or a domain name. While 10% may not seem like much, your referrals are likely to have a high lifetime value, thanks to Kinsta’s high customer retention rate of 95%. Content creators and bloggers whose audience is interested in launching their own WordPress website. Current Leadpages customers whose audience would benefit from a dedicated landing page tool — such as experienced freelancers and startup owners. Along with their extensive pricing tiers, they have multiple lead magnets and online courses that can help affiliates pull in the maximum number of leads to their funnels.

Types of affiliate marketing programs

The average range of pay in CPA affiliate networks is $1 – $20 per lead. What I like about CPA marketing is that it’s much easier to convince customers to submit their information comparison to pulling out their credit cards. And let me be real, if you can’t make someone fill out a short form then what makes you think you can sell a product for a commission? That’s why I believe CPA marketing is the best way to start affiliate marketing. Also, this type of marketing will give you great experience for the future like creating targeted landing pages and independently advertising for local businesses (money in exchange for local leads).

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: What It Is + How to Succeed

For instance, a merchant who manufactures cake pans might connect with an affiliate who writes about baking in order to get their product in front of the affiliate’s audience. Become intimately familiar with your analytics and use those analytics to inform your marketing and promotion. In marketing, you never really know for sure how something is going to work until you do it. So, let things run for a little while to gather data and then start tweaking.

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